Marel was originally a sock factory making socks for importers and big brands. In recent years there has also been a great demand for small custom socks. For this reason, we opened a production line for flexible socks in 2002. With more than 18 years of operation, We have MOQ 500 pairs, and it will be adjusted if order quantity below MOQ

Socks are no longer only used for daily activities such as school and work. Now, socks are used to support appearance and some important things that need to be available at home, especially when we want to face cold weather. In addition, socks are useful for protecting feet from moisture due to lack of air when wearing shoes, keeping feet from blisters.

No need to hesitate and worry about the quality of our products and services because they are made with the best quality materials so our socks are comfortable to wear. With more than 18 years of production experience to make many well-known brands, we always maintain quality with very strict quality checks. Made with Elastic Cuff material so that our production socks will adjust to the shape of the foot and also won't stretch easily even though they have been used many times. We also have high standards in maintaining the quality of its products.

To sell a quality brand of socks doesn't have to be expensive. By taking 1 dozen socks or 12 pcs socks, you can already run with your own brand. The more you take socks from us, then we will give you a more special price. This is certainly very interesting to be a business opportunity. Because with Marelsocks, you don't need to have a large capital and 100% profit for you. You can also add a private label with your business brand, using sock labels or hang-tags.

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